I finished my daily reading and note making of subjects taught to me today. First mathematics, than Physics and lastly Chemistry. Everything was good, until 12:31 am, when my cellphone rang. The call was from Zara’s mom crying and speaking, in a devastating way. What I listened was more devastating. My friend Zara had a blood vomit and she has been undertaking Cancer treatment. I said “Cancer ….” and was half dead then. What on earth has been going on. A tear rolled on from my eyes. Somehow I consoled Zara’s mother. She told me to visit and make Zara understand to take treatment immediately. After the call, I was broken. Just like mirror breaks into parts with sharp edges. The news shattered my existence. I was stoned. A memory flashed back upon me. None other than my own father, whom I lost because of Cancer. Those days, the treatment, the person in pain, grief of family, sleepless nights, blood refills, the tears and the Hopelessness. It was so much that only a strong will person can withstand. I thought why did cancer crossed my life again. Thoughts started to pouring in my mind like cosmic rays, enters in our atmospheres.The night was dark  and my life went even darker than that. Remembering those days was painful. Then came a thought about the day I met my friend Zara. It made me feel different. The contrast between my own feelings was immense.

The day when we went to visit Her school, I was in 12th grade to participate in Elocution competition. She looked like a fuss. Simple and sober, carrying colored pens in pocket; she was asking her teammates about the requirements. The contest was about to start. The teacher called her and asked her about the participants. She called all participants for registration at desk. I was with my friends, we went and registered. She came hurriedly asking everything finished. A few left her friend. I went and said hello, She smiled…. my heart stopped I felt, in another life I heard her asking me “are you a participant ?”. I nodded yes. I couldn’t speak further. She said nice to meet you. I also wished her and we parted. The contest was among 12 schools, perhaps between the best ones. One of those 12 meant a lot to me. The contest started and all the 10 gave their speech. I was 11th. My name was announced. I went up to the stage. I looked the crowd. I smiled when i found her sitting with her teacher. Remembered the sky, took a breath and started. I started to speak and that day, marked my first victory in speaking. There were many people cheering me, including those funny bones with whom I came. After the ceremony, we were offered snacks. Along with my friends, I rushed to eat some. My eyes were constantly searching for her. All of a sudden she came with Her friends and congratulated me. I humbly said thanks.

She introduced herself first as “I am Zara”, and these are my friends. We ate together and started talking. It’s a usual way we make friends. Time ticked 2 pm and contest wind up. She informed us that the school has made arrangements that every student will be given a bookmark with a quote on it.”Its a pleasure for a bookworm like me”, I exclaimed. She said she also has to distribute and bid farewell. We went in the queue, our turn came and she handed me two bookmarks which has the best quotes I have ever read . I said thank you and left.

For the first time in my life, I turned back to see her. She was also looking at me.

Eyes met and some cosmic coincidence happened in my life.

This is how I met her.

After the call, I cursed myself “Why I met her?” ! I day I feel lonely and feared to loose a soul.

“Speak to me, speak a little, See me, see me brittle “


All of sudden I was surrounded by questions in mind. A friendship beyond words and time was about to finish then. This emotion I call Fear !


Thank you for reading my blog. 

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all participants in my post.  I am Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter


Love and Light.



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