Missing Miss ! #writingwednesdays

​Often Feels like fire & flood,
I remember you my broken beloved,
Those Emotions, brutally sketched, so lonely,
Left behind aches, crushing me absolutely.
Your goodbye created a cruel vacancy,
Where emptiness echoes your thoughts,
Heart turned into a dangerous place,

Full of dark horror, your absence brought.
There something inside still burning,
Longing for love, tears keep running.
Sun eclipsed & depression follow,
Your absence is a mighty Halo,
Eating away my peace,
Making heart sorry and weep.

I have desperately been searching,
for the “words” that bring the Light,
Ignites my soul from withering,
Like a Heavenly Grace, making me alright !


Thank you for reading my blog.
This post is my first post in #writingwednesdays by WriteTribe.


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