From my life I have come across that the success is not overnight. It’s like a mine craft; we need to pay attention to it on regular basis. I am writing few excerpts from my real life experiences that helped in  One or the way. These values are gateways to success in my humble opinion. As we know our Emotions are connected deeply with events in our life, Success is one of the sweetest and the most desired ingredient of Life. It gives an extra #oomph and #Amp to Life. Thus being successful adds confidence into our being. We start to radiate the same in Universe. The following lines from my companion Diary, the values in the quotes are my inspirations and reflect my life too. So today I am sharing it to you all.



  1. Build a community of people who share your values. You will find strength in numbers.
  1. People that values its privileged above its principle soon loses both.
  1. The major values in life is not what you get, instead it’s what you become.
  1. Bitter experience shows us how fundamental our values are.
  1. Happiness is a state of consciousness which proceeds from achievements on one’s value.
  1. True education is concerned not only with practical but also with values.
  1. Honesty, integrity and accountability, should be our hallmark.
  1. We do not have money problems; we have values and priority problem.
  1. Life is always about where we are going, that’s values.
  1. It is not had to make decisions when you know what your values are.
  1. We are special because we have been united not by a common race  or ethnicity, we have been bound together by Common values.
  1. Education without values makes a man a clever devil.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Share your Valuable thoughts on the same ! For some it may be just another stanzas of quotes, for someone like me, the word stands on its own. I respect it !

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all participants in my post.  I am Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter


Love and Light.




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