#Day7 of Write tribe #WTFOW

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things… I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.

~ Leo Buscaglia

 Hello friends. It’s time to pen down the last post. I am feeling just a like last day at school before vacation. Saying up bye, waving hands, holding up my tears,wondering I’ll meet you again or not and so on. There’s a child within me which does all sort of phenomena. I am glad about it. So to cheer up you all, I am writing this post. The quote looks childish in the first thought but it is deep. Little things and joy make our life complete. Think and recollect those. We have to be enthusiastic about the little things that matters. I play with leaves. Fallen leaves symbolizes our broken dreams and our setbacks. We often have those roadblocks in life. But can you make a joke about it? Can you too play with leaves? The child within you has the answer, ask him sometimes. Next line is also interesting. To me it suggests that sometimes, it is better to skip mainstream. People often get stuck in the rat race of life, majority of us do. Slowly we lose the wind and forget about the biggest gift, our very own life. Whenever you find, wherever you can, spread love and light. The feeling of joy is enormous. Life is beautiful. Words are magical. Feelings are compass. Heart is the captain. Faith is the ship. Joy is our treasure.

I wholeheartedly thank you #TEAM of WriteTribe weekly challenge. My regards to fellow bloggers. It is a memorable experience and hope we meet soon.

“Hasta-La-Vista” & “Hakuna-Matata”.

WriteTribe is community for budding blogger.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Celebrate Life.



9 thoughts on “#Day7 of Write tribe #WTFOW

  1. Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble because that reason can be taken from you.–Deepak Chopra

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