Yes, you read correctly, THE SYLLABUS. It’s a fictional class of Human lives. The emotions are the chapters of the syllabus. The emotions rule our lives in all aspects. The emotions are so obvious that we can’t ignore simply. It is reflected in all of us and our activities. Writing is one of such activities, where emotions are used. So on the very first day, I am sure all of my blog-buddies will write something that will reflect an emotion. On their behalf, I want to introduce you all the emotions with brief introduction.

Broadly the emotions can be of two types,

The Positive Emotions, &The Negative Emotions.


The Positive emotions



Courage is the corner step of development of self-respect. It helps you to brace yourself against all odds. It stands with us in times of survival.


Having empathy enables us to understand the needs of others. Being empathetic makes you understanding. This leads in enhancing the faith, especially in ourselves. It also helps in understand the present situations.


Having faith requires great courage. We live in a world where second is test. Faith helps us to build an atmosphere where others can believe upon us. Faith is an absolute element to listen to the Higher call and Internal messages through the ups and down of life.


Freedom is what we gain from Courage and Faith. Freedom is a subset of Independence. Freedom is best explained in Rabindranath Tagore sir’s poem

 “where the mind is free”

Freedom enables us to take positive decisions in life.


If we are grateful, it helps us to be assured that we have a sense of freedom. Saying thank you is not just formal, but it is also reflects that we have respect and courage to appraise someone around.


One, who has hope, reflects the faith one has with in. It leads to confidence and establishment of assurance and security. It can lead up to optimistic approach of life. Hope helps in creating the optimism to allow us the pleasures of life.


To be joyful it is necessary to trust your inner-most feelings. It is an outcome for the happiness and pleasures of lives. It’s the bright light within us coming from the delight and triumphs over the challenges of life. Having Joy means you never have to regret after you make any decision.


It is a combination of devotion and honor. This is achieved in one’s life when we no longer blame anything, not a single decision. This emotion is based on Honesty. The person with good self-esteem can easily understand this emotion.


The King of feelings is LOVE. The love is a feeling of fondness and regards in warmth of the admiration. It is often expressed as the affection and tenderness to the life’s splendor.

LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT LOVE. Love is the process to understand the major purpose of life. Love doesn’t need someone to complete you. Spending time on your own and loving self becomes refreshing and allows your mind to relax and regenerate the ideas.

The Negative Emotions


All annoyances and irritations by any provocations may leads to ANGER. ANGER can trigger insensibility which may lead to resentment. One should rationale one’s mind in ANGER. Calming down and think is the way to defend.


This emotion breeds the coldness and recklessness in us. It leads to the egoistic responses where ego dominates and we envelop ourselves without being aware of the reality. Eventually we become coldhearted.


This emotion has links with disbelief and suspicions. It rises from the distrust and leads to indecisions. It reflects the loss of our strength.


It leads to the disrespect out of our own concerns.  It’s often connected with self-doubt and negative feeling of jealousy and malice. If ever this happens, we have to understand that we have lost path we have selected when we originally set out. It can lead us to the fear where only losses reign.


It’s the most critical emotions and dangerous too. It is an outcome of our failures. FEAR leads us to fatal results and sometimes out of emotional disgust, worst can also happen! This emotion affects mind boy and spirit when we are unable to express and live up to someone’s expectations. It can call panic and timidity, sometimes restlessness too.


Hate for others is only a reflection of yourself. The more a person hates, the more self-destructive one becomes. Hate becomes the cause of revenge and we become the victim of our own circumstances.  Often it comes from dissatisfaction and call for revenge. This emotion is so bitter that it is necessary to clean it from life. In short, this is the most dominated and vicious feeling entering our society these days.


This is a humble effort to show prominent emotions, the list may look incomplete to many fellow bloggers who are from arts background. A lot can be added in comment box I feel. Please comment the emotions which you can express better.

As far as this challenge goes, we will explore emotions from all of our blog buddies. The positives are colored and negatives are monochrome. These emotions are the strength and weakness of a writer/author and even bloggers. No one is perfect. So let’s start exploring these emotions in each other’s post. Sharing and building a great community called “Blogchatter”.

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all the participants in my post.

I am Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter

Thank You for reading my blog.


Love and Light.




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