#Day5 of Write tribe #WTFOW

A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

 In my previous post, I wrote about reading. I have read a fantastic quote that “Leaders are Readers”. We all admitted our reading habits. In this post, I would like to introduce you the other side the coin. It’s called Writing. Before writing ahead I would like to thank my teachers who took the pain in teaching me how to write and scribble the letters on a slate using chalk-sticks. I confess that I used to eat chalk-sticks sometimes. I would also like to thank all my pre-primary and primary teachers who helped me in word making and sentences. By that time, I was able to recite poem decently (even in front of strangers). Finally I would like to thank my English teachers till my schooling ended as they step by step, level by level made me understand the language, which I am and will be utilising lifetime. They were the ones who made me understand the magic of writings. They were the ones who carved my handwriting from scrap to wonderful. Sometimes in the form of homework, sometimes punishments and sometimes in the form of essay writings: they will be always remembered. I am truly obliged to them. Haven’t been my writing made any sense I wouldn’t have writing this post too. This is the antiquity in my case!  I know now as a modern man, what does it means. The quote is thus justified! I would like to read your thoughts on the same. Please drop a line!

This post is written for the WriteTribe weekly challenge. WriteTribe is community for budding blogger.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Celebrate Life.



11 thoughts on “#Day5 of Write tribe #WTFOW

  1. it is such a boon to express in writing! I think I would have closed shop if never happened. my parents first and then my teachers who helped to learn and form words and urged me to write.. and keep on writing .. and writing . 🙂 Good one this Masoom.

  2. Reading is like writing too, only that it is in the mind….When we read, we are re-writing the story from our perspectives. When we write, we make way for further flow of thoughts….

  3. Wow.. Such beautiful emotions u pen down. Kudos ! And seriously, we are first because of our parents who gave us life and then teachers who gave us purpose and knowledge to carry this life with pride.

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