#Day2 of Write tribe #WTFOW

These meetings all have excited great attention, and have been of an exceedingly interesting character.

~ Lewis Tappan


Work is a major part of life. Meetings are integral part of Life. That’s not all folks, meeting somebody; somewhere accidentally or planned is also a part of life. In our life, we have many unplanned meet-ups and it becomes a delightful memory. The meetings can be formal, informal, casual, a date, or just chat. In any meetings, conversations play an important role. It can be your

Plus point or else It can be a turn off to somebody who is meeting you for a first time. Everyone needs little attention in meetings. I have been myself less social and I meet very few people. I listen, speak, and then discuss. These three are the pillars of any meetings. We have to be humble, honest and thoughtful. My experience says that nothing is better than a thoughtful conversation. While sometimes, meeting an old friend, and just sitting for hours talking random stuffs about life and work is also an experience. I always appreciate people who come out and meet up, and the others who are busy I keep them updated. So the quote mentioned above hints that meetings after all is an interesting phenomena of life.


Tip: Share care and don’t forget to listen. It makes the others feel good.

This post is written for the WriteTribe weekly challenge. WriteTribe is community for budding blogger.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Celebrate Life.



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