#Day1 of Write tribe #WTFOW

If one uses music that one does not really love, then one will not succeed in making it one’s own.

~Lukas Foss

Music is the soul of song. Music is a feeling in itself. We encounter various kinds of music. Today, we have electronic music. But what really matters lies in the creation of music. Lukas Foss puts the idea in very simple manner. One can imitate the music, but he won’t be successful in making its own. We listen to music everyday but very few touch our heart. The reason is in the way of creation. The originality of work shines out of its own. One can never replace the feel of original work with the forked and mix. Many times I come across discussions about music and its definition. According to me, music is harmony between the notes of any instruments. One who has peace inside himself, can able to understand the harmony! Without peace, music loses its shine and soon fades away. But the one who has the harmony always work like boomerang. We feel a connection to such music. A connection between our Heart and Music is a divine relationship. Music also heals; music can bring joy and music and bring good sleep too.

Tip: Next time if you listen to your favorite song try to lower the volume, listen to lower notes with and without vocals. You will feel the difference yourself.

This post is written for the WriteTribeΒ  weekly challenge. Write-tribe is community for buddying blogger.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Celebrate Life.



6 thoughts on “#Day1 of Write tribe #WTFOW

    1. Absolutely Angel, I am glad that you can connect with the post !
      Its just the beginning, I will keep on posting till sunday in the weekly challenge. Follow “Write Tribe” tags in my post.
      Thank You.

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