A mid-year round up post.

Mid year travelogue.

Good Day all.

We all propose new year resolutions at the year ending. It’s always considered good sign to plan and execute. Honestly, I never take any Huge new year resolutions, instead, I

break it in small-small pieces and try it. I learn about journal from my first job. Later, coding helped me in understanding the bits-n-pieces.

This year I resolved to go green, to be “Eco-friendly”. To save Our mother Earth, as its our only home. We already know that we are running short of natural resources. But then all we do is nothing. I along with my friends, visited a center, where ecological and green techniques are being implemented.

They also shared some them with us. So that’s why I decided to adopt go green attitude towards the work and help in resolving the burning issue. This is my mid year journey write-up.


The motto was to “Charity begins at Green Home”.

I started with my own house. The most organic place is the kitchen in our house. I discussed this with my mother, she explained that the cookware and utensils are the one which saves money and time too. The regular checkup of gas-stoves (chimneys) also saves the energy. The organic waste from kitchen is good as manure. The balance between ready-to-cook and fresh vegetables were done. We now cook delicious food at home instead of hefty orders from outside. Keeping a check on unused electric items, maintenance of electric instruments were taken out. Saving electricity and Saving tap water running are the noticeable thing and always under check.


The motto was to “Green Work-space”.

Last year a circular regarding implementation of lighter ecological footprint was passed at our workplace and I wanted to contribute to it. It so happen that this motivated me to have green work-space. Some of the practical steps that I have done is to use emails, where paperwork is least required. I now use Text Editors, review it and then take a print if necessary. We all have mobile and desktop applications that sync notes from internet (Ex: Evernote, MS-Office OneNote, Dropbox). It’s a boon I guess. So i shifted to those platforms to save papers and time. I can now read my drafts anywhere anytime with a single click. We keep open our windows to get fresh air and sunlight. During the lunchtime, we escape wasting food, so that’s a step we all should consider and do not waste food.


The motto was to “Green Gifts”.

I know this is sort of weird, but people always tease, saying, “Why will you need to make any handmade gifts/ cards ?” In march I achieved these two answers I have things which are left overs of somethings, some scrap newspapers, some fancy magazines (with good cover pics), some wrapping paper and LOTS OF CREATIVITY in mind. So 1gm of creativity = 100 gm of gift (Just saying). Recycling things is the need of time. If you search you will find lots of ideas how to re-use solid waste. My personal favorite is “Instructable“. I am very fond of the website, as it provide the solutions from the people just like us with a spark of creativity. The first answer is that a personalized gift is gift forever. Your feeling gets the shape and size of gifts and your emotions fill the joy of gifting it to someone dear-to-you. I implemented this from a long time, but materialized this march. The second answer is Help. I am not sure others who like to visit children with special abilities. I do visit them. They are my Honney-Bunnies, always cheering and I feel positive vibes from them. I support their work and art this way. I really take them and gift them in bulk.


The motto was to “Green Analysis “.

In the month of April, I took the Green analysis challenge. Work is a part of life. So this was not planned, but came backdoor as the need of time. It was an alert that saved a disaster. In atmospheric study, we have to deal with satellite data. We really get a hell of data flow and we are paid for the analysis. Data that comes in Gigabytes. Earlier we have to manually organize, scrutinize, filter and search for the clues which was dirty. Dirty in a sense that there’s a lot of numbers representing various attributes measured my satellite flying in space. The satellite sends data which is received by the ground stations and then delivered to the needy after small processing. All you have to do is open a file and finish it till evening. So,now we have high performance computers to deal with more sophisticated codes. As my understanding is increasing, I took up the challenge to adapt with the languages with can deal with the data more profusely. I took a month-long Python learning class and thus now, I am happy to say that I have started handling data myself, with a language which is so versatile. I am loving it learning and understanding. I am not surprised that in future, i will contribute to Python Foundation.


The motto was to” Green Awareness “.

The science awareness week is celebrated in our India. As a part of campaign, various departments under the Government of India has partnered to serve the purpose. Department of Science and Technology and Indian Railways are one of them. The aim of this collaborations reflects in a project called “Science Express” a train which roams all over India, to explain the nature and science to layman. Their statement is ” Science Express is & innovative science exhibitions running on Indian railway track.” This is one of the reason I love Indian railways a bit more. Being atmospheric science students, we learn the various schemes, our government is implementing to curb the global warming. IPCC which declares the climate report after deep analysis of current situations, revealed a lot of things about our future and sustainability. This year to understand better the Green Movement, I took my friends to visit the train during vacations. Once you board the train, I bet you will never want to put your feet off the train. The train covers all major issues in scientific world, the experts from above mentioned departments, volunteers the train and explains merrily the topics and also quench the thirst of young minds like you and me. So it made my resolution stronger and better like icing on the cake. I suggest each one of us should visit with the train when it comes to your place.


The motto was to “Green Surrounding”.

The simplest and strongest way to save our environment is to plant trees. Trees not only clean air but also provides shelter to birds. So the after celebrating the “World Environment Day”, we pledged and planted trees, I myself planted 20+ trees then. My Alma-mate always organize “Tree Plantation” camp as our campus has lots of space to grow trees. I actively participated in such green camps. My office also promotes the green initiatives. Every person of remarkable service gets a tree of His/Her name planted in our campus. I am delighted to see such awareness. In the coming months, i wish to plant more trees. It’s almost rainy season now, most of us enjoy rain. (P.S. I am a PLUVIOPHILE ) SO planting tree is one of the best gift we can to our Mother Earth. I humbly request all my blogger friends to plant at-least one tree in their lifetime possible.


The motto was to “Green Health”.

The month is July is very interesting. Rains, shower, seasons change , festivity, marriages and a lot more surprises coming on the way. So the best part is Green Health. The thing that can be achieved eating naturally fresh food which is free from Fat and Cholesterol. I will discuss it later.

I will conclude this post with following:

" To realize the value of one hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet "

" To realize the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. "

" To realize the value of one month, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby !"
" To realize the value of one year, ask a student who failed a grade."

We all are the student in the classroom of Life and we undergo tests, accordingly. Learning is the key to get through and move on.

So checkup-n-half-yearly note was indeed required. Thank You Blogchatter

for your support and #prompt  ! Reach them @blogchatter on twitter too.

Write your Heart out,Celebrate Life.

Thank you for reading my post.


5 thoughts on “A mid-year round up post.

  1. So many green memories 🙂
    Green is the new color of happiness.
    Appreciate your positive take on the past week analysis.

    A post that is surrounded with messages to Go green, Create use of recycled products and do on.
    .the last lines I so remember that as they were part of a speech I gave on time management during school life.

  2. So heartening to see that you feel so strongly for the Go Green Cause and are dedicatedly working on it in a unique way month on month. Looking forward to read your monthly posts on initiatives that worked and brought you happiness !

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