Day-15 Its the most late entry of my whole Half marathon journey. The reason is simple, i don't want to conclude it so early. But we all have to bow down to the time. What a 15 day posts happened. Just like that. SO in final post in this series I would like to say … Continue reading DAY 15 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


What you don’t know

Prompt #2 What you don’t know There's a stranger sailing over my heart, But she'll never find me and get along, because the angel know my face and will read this dying song. Until she proves her love saying "Can you feel it Or can't you see ?" I'd be glad to hear if she … Continue reading What you don’t know

Stranger than fiction !

Prompt #1 Stranger than fiction !  I crave those heaviness in crazy love.  Wide opened windows yet inescapable love.   Here, I talk with my heart quietly,  I carry it every day, like compass; My smiling face going pale slightly, And me becoming beggar of happiness. At times I sit in abandoned castle and sing … Continue reading Stranger than fiction !

Interpretation #1

Cherished Blog-Fest 1 All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche Interpretations are subject to understanding. Understanding is a temporary state of mind based on audio/visual facts we collect after credentials. With time, our understanding keeps on evolving. It’s … Continue reading Interpretation #1

Friday Reflections #FF

1/M I have feelings too.  I am still human.  All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent.  ~ Marilyn Monroe This week the #prompt of "Friday reflection" what you do when you are alone ? That is impossible with me, and Actually I enjoy my own company ! So the answer is … Continue reading Friday Reflections #FF


Day-14 It was war. War means loss. Loss in terms of blood, soldiers, dear ones, and sometimes feelings. War means loss. The Sun was about to set. The war wasn't. Kayo was sitting on a rock watching the devastation and bloodshed on the battlefield. He was the General and Leading the army. But he was silent … Continue reading DAY 14 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-13 And nothing but seeds that awaits your visit, I bear all pain which never finishes. .................... continued Cloud replied, "I've become a beggar, pleading that pain to release me, Each drop that falls is a silent prayer, To reconcile the pain that’s within me I wander alone in world that’s full of loss, hanged … Continue reading DAY 13 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-12 A war broke out and strangled between Cloud and earth, so heavenly meet, To leave love for dark; sky stood with clouds to be a friend of sadness, light fell for Earth. Against living tenderly or slowly killing Each drop that falls, shows laments of clouds, Those sharp edges against Earth’s soft heart— While … Continue reading DAY 12 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER

Surprise post

This is a dedicated to the post in which my friend Pin-N-Ashes asks about surprises ! I surprised a person yesterday morning. It was 8:30 in the morning and I was about to leave for my workplace. I had a rocking breakfast followed by sweet words by Her Highness (my Mother). I was in dilemma … Continue reading Surprise post


Day-11   Amidst the winter coming, I have made love to a flame trying to unwrap me. whose silky thoughts move into me like sickened air; Devil’s fog wraps its hands around my heart and Begs me to lose myself in its madness. I feel tangled myself like a trap in the dark, Swallowing dementing shadows, … Continue reading DAY 11 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER