Hold my hand,
look into my eyes,
Holding hands
lets spin around,
don’t leave me now,
talk to me,
be my side,
on my time,
right now,
let’s break laws,
play games,
Let’s swing in garden,
And laugh out loud,
laugh together,Β 
Let’s dance in rain,
One more slow step,
Far from city so loud,
Where we can listen,
Birds and crickets,
Let’s make sandcastles,
And learn new tricks,
Moments we share,
Becomes life time care ,
You be my beats,
I be your rhythm,
Sing our happiness,
I be your Sun,
You my Sunshine.
Let’s light up this life,
Let’s share our space,
Though we’re not perfect,
Our vision indeed is,
Let’s crack jokes at ease,
Saving one for old age,
Let’s paint color of hope,
Let’s cook with love,
Be my words,
I be your feelings,
Make me believe,
And Take me away,
To celebration of Life,
Unburdened me little,
Let’s just Relapse,
And this is how I’m feeling.
I’m chasing a world,
Where life is our union.
I stayed sober,
Until Your presence doped,
And life’s a waste,
If I don’t confess.
So Let’s prosper each other,
Move ahead like a Jagger,
Hey Hon. Be my sugar,
don’t want to know where light lead us,
My heart’s says
let’s be bold,
conquer world,
let’s be dangerous.

I wish I could show you
How it feels to love you…


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