Happy Father’s day.

Searched all places where I can find
memoirs of past and let it rewind,
When I started seeing you in albums a lot,
Your smile ,your face,  I never forgot !

As a kid, Your absence haunted me most,
I asked, I frown and sometimes shout !
Where’s papa ? And why he’s gone ?
Aged three, unaware of my own loss,
I believed none till Mumma explained;
“He is called by God, for special reason,
He won’t come back, in life’s any season”.
I understand now why I cried a lot.

Felt so odd, when people asked,
Where’s your Papa ? How is He ?
Pained Like a dagger in chest,
Being a child I always cried !

Losing toys, I understood life’s apseity,
Because We’ve to sell’em to skip adversity.
I understood how daily needs fulfilled?
It’s Mumma who sprints the wheel.
I missed you when I win competition,
How eagerly I wanted to have your reaction !

Leaving us so early made Mumma to prove,
Handling Relations, Life and Money.
Mumma always smiled, never complained a bit,
Taught us your message , “Winners never Quit”.

Today as world celebrates Father’s day,
I wish I send my words into your way !
Papa, I miss you each and everyday,
And I know you’re listening me,
As I remember you, it rained today.

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane right away,
I’d walk right up to Heaven alone
And bring you again home.

Dear Papa, We miss you much.

(c) mjwords 2016


12 thoughts on “Happy Father’s day.

  1. Hello Masoom! Your words brought mist to eyes. I am realising the value of my father. Though I highly respect his presence and his contribution in my life, i can value him even more after reading this post! Thank you 😊

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