A story

Masoom: A story shared... A story that rhyme, Be it yours or mine. Story of Love and War story of Travelling far, Deep Inside my mind. A place none can find. For so long, I've been holding on There are times we can't explain, I even have to hide our pain. So, The poem ends … Continue reading A story



This is a poem by a man, who is in love with a woman. The words are not perfect rhyme, but after all it the expression of affection, the man is feeling. We all have that someone special. We must express ourselves to that person .

Happy Father’s day.

Searched all places where I can find memoirs of past and let it rewind, When I started seeing you in albums a lot, Your smile ,your face,Β  I never forgot ! As a kid, Your absence haunted me most, I asked, I frown and sometimes shout ! Where's papa ? And why he's gone ? … Continue reading Happy Father’s day.