Midst of a Challenge #M

Midst of Challenge !

What life we want is an outcome, when we pass through the midst of a challenge !

Sometime we feel our life is a circus. There’s a ring master which controls everything

We all are in the midst of something.

Some people are in the midst of weekend and Monday Musings.

Some are in midst of the work and life ! They are trying to balance the load

of work with the time spent with family !

Some are stuck in the midst of breaking up and Holding back ! They are in dilemma

whether to speak up and ruin with letting go the past and starting afresh.

Some people are in the midst of road thinking about life they wanted with the

life they dreamt off.  Some people are in the midst of “Humanity” and “Rivalry”.

Life is just like a ride ! We all want to sit and ride it, we all in the midst !

We have fears, still we want thrills, we want fun, we want to scream and enjoy that

moment ! I wish Life to be more fun , Yeah !

We all want to change, in or out but then we realise that

we are in midst of something.

Lastly some are like me, in the midst of a challenge.

I decided to write and take the #AtoZchallenge but eventually didn’t make it up.

So today I decided to take up the challenge in the midst of #AtoZchallenge.

This is my (first) post in the #AtoZchallenge. THank you all for reading my post.

Love and Light to you !





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