Spread JOY !

Recently while traveling in public transport, when I saw an old lady.

After observing the wrinkles on her face,I guess,she was of mid-seventies.

There were dried tears in her small eyes and she had a photo in her hand.

When I went and sat next to her.She glanced me and smiled at me. I too can’t

hold Joy and roll back a gentle smile. She asked my name and laughed on

hearing my name.That moment become so Precious for me that my name is

also capable of “Spreading Joy”.ย  When I demanded ,she handled the photo

to me.I was shocked rather than surprise to see it.ย  It was a Black and white

photo of a young boy.When i asked his name,she told me that her son who is

settled in some “Western country” and now his name doesn’t matter .Her words

felt me the effect of a bombshell freshly dropped…My eyes went wide open in

astonishment.After that i told her that her smile is irresistible,

then she said two lines (in regional language).

Have A Heart,so splendid,
full of expressions,life is candy,

I thought she made my day and rushed toward the exit as my station arrived.

On stepping down the bus,we exchanged another smile. Such a great Joy that was.
A Moment so glorious. I was in profit I thought and why not, off course I had learned the

lesson (for lifetime)that “Life means a lot to Joy” and time waits for none.

The one who keeps going,gets his PLACE soon.
So such small events gives Joy. Try to discover-one of the greatest blessing i.e. JOY…:)


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