Season’s greeting ( Novel1 )

One day Mos was sitting near the lake observing the ripples.

One of the ordinate came, and asked how does it feel like receiving a welcome ?

In response to the ordinate, he says “Season’s Greeting”.

The ordinate baffled. Mos went into the past.

He remembered the days when he was 8 years old. Those were

the days when they lived in a small hut with roof that leaked when it rained.

The roof got little punctures with time. During daytime when sunlight entered

from the roof, little Mos was startled to see this. It seemed a miracle to him.

He always waited since then to see those sun rays penetrating into the house.

For him it was unbelievable that little particles can float into the Light.

Meanwhile, when the rainy season started rain water slipped into house

from that punctured roof. Mos was frightened to see this, he didn’t expect

this, he put forward his hands to feel the water drops. It was serene.

He immediately closed his eyes. His mother rushed and put a bucket to stop the

leakage run the floor.Mos smiled and he remembered it. this left some prints on his mind.

Later, Mos remembered that It was the time the blessings he received was so real.

In the coming years, when he met Kay, his life turned and he accepted it all.

One day Kay sprinkled some water on his face and this event

resurfaced his memories. When he shared past event to Kay, she said Season’s greeting.

Holding Mos‘s hand, She said “Welcome “. She further added when one’s heart is open,it gets

filled with unprecedented blessings and joy. They shared a smile and Mos

came out of the past. Of course with tears, time has changed now at-least for him.

He uttered only happiness filled part of the event to the ordinate and went saying Frost’s line,

Miles to go before I sleep…….


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