I feel strangeness ,when I recall,
is today beautiful or the day we met?
As the day passes , I feel unknown
like small birds, fly in sky,
every dreams feel alive with her,
like I never slept, nor Wake up !!

Time boosts its tick,
As my heart its Beat,
enchanted by her, o friends:
let me live, I’m spellbound
life triggers me every moment
the time together we spent,

And what I’m feeling !
i’m not in my Own.
Surrounded by her thoughts,
I am not me anymore,
Her smile, voice and eyes
engraved my heart, i’m freeze.

Loosing my conscience slowly,
may lose my breath this way,
Please arrive and Do some spells,
I need cure, which forever stays!
why this Strangeness and little fear,
My eyes go wet with tears !

And friends tell me,
What is happening to me ????


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